DA Events

DATE SECTION EVENT               DETAILS    Top of Page
03th April Arun Adur Freewheeling This will be held on Broadford Bridge Road North of West Chiltington. If you start this you cannot help but finish it so 10 points for completing the event! Contact Richard Boulton
15 May Horsham  I-Spy Ride; This is similar to a treasure hunt ride but with a route provided and observation questions en route. 5 points for starting and 5 for finishing. Starts from Pulborough Station. Route Sheets and clues available at the start at 10.00
3rd July  Horsham  Two Weald Ride The event will be essentially the same as last year. a choice of 4 loops from Wisborough Green of about 25 miles. 5 points for starting and 5 points for completing a 25 mile loop. No extra points for doing more than one loop.If you want to start earlier and do a longer distance click below to download the 2 Weald Ride Route sheets. Control Opens 10.00am and closes 4.00pm
2 Weald Ride Routes and maps  
14th August Bognor/Chichester DA Picnic This Event will again be held at the venue of West Wittering Beach  5 points for attending.
4th Sept Bognor/Chichester   Sussex Country Churches Ride. 5 points for starting and 5 points for finishing. Meet 9.30 for 10.00 start Wiggonholt RSPB Cafe


Entrants & SectionsFree- wheelI-Spy2 WealdDA PicnicChurches RideTotals to date
Robin Courtney Bennet1010
Richard Boulton 10 10 10 10 45
Graham Collins      
Barry Deacon      
Keith Dodman      
Jo England      
Dave Fox  10 10   20
Ally Forrest1010
Steve Forrest1010
Ben Gamble      
Nigel Gardner      
Dave Green      
 David Jezeph1010
John Kettle1010
Marion Kinshuck      
Bob Harber      
Flick Payne      
Paul Price 1010   510 35
Simon Mashford1010
Mick McCormack 10   5 10 25
Gerry McGeehan      
Ivan Mills      
John Newcombe      
Louis Read      
Richard Relf    5  5
Ian Rogers1010
Peter Rudd
Ray Savage   10   10
Emily Savage  10    10
Total for Arun Adur 
 40 20 30 220
 Max Adams  10   10 20
Paul Baylis      
Bob Birtwell 10 10 10  10 40
Roger Cline     1010 
Chris Dart      
Mark Davy      
Michael Eastham
Steve Evenden
David Glue      
Alan Harding     10 10
Mike Healey      
Graeme Hodge      
Jane Hodge      
Edwin Jones 10 10   10 30
Maureen Flint101020
Rosie Kwok      
Beatrice Lander      
Jeff Lander      
Anne Marshall1010
Bob Marshall1010
Gill Marshall1010
William Midgley      
Nick Mycroft      
Jo Palmer      
Harvey Probert      
Sam Roberts  10   10 20
Andrew Sargeant      
Terry Scragg      
Russell Sopp      
 Anne Walford      
Linda Woods      
Total for Bognor/Chichester 20 50 20 0 90 180
Kevin Barker 10  10  10 30
John Batcheldor      
Anton Brown      
John Clark      
Jeet Cohan      
Rhona Copp      
Caroline Dainty  10    10
Ron Davis      
Gordon Easden 10 10 10  10 40
Peter Eyre      
Dave Fordham   10   10
Robin Fitton  10 10   20
Ros Furley 10 10 10  10 40
Caroline Gadd55
Mike Gimber   10   10
Christine Gimber      
Ann Hall      
Norman Handy    5  5
Dawn Hemmingway      
Tiffany Honour      
Gail Hill101020
Jon Keith55
Jean Kirk      
Paul Mills10101030
Bob Moore 10 10 10 5 10 45
Ghazala Nazzar      
Sandra Nicholson      
Val Oakes      
Dennis O’Reagan   10 5 10 25
Frank Pattison      
Corinne Pitts  10  5 10 25
Malcolm Skudder      
Ian Smith      
Peter Smith      
Marian Smith      
Rachel Smith      
Ken Taylor      
Jacqui Thatcher      
Lesley Thomas      
John Trollope1010
Michael Vertue      
John Veitch      
Adam West      
 Adam Wray 10 10  1030 
Total for Horsham/Crawley 50 90110 30 80360
Graham Annaly      
Michael Eastham (Guest Form)      
Richard Bates      
John Maxim      

Points system for DA Events

There will be a cup for the individual with the most points, a cup for the lady with the most points and a cup for the Section whose members gain the most points. The aim of the points system is to encourage participation in events. If an event has a competitive element it will be for the organising Section to award separate prizes to winners if appropriate. There will in general be 5 points for starting and 5 points for finishing an event but please note the details above for each event. Please note there will be no points just for turning up at the start and then going home. There must be some substantial participation in the event and this will be for the organiser to judge. There will be no points just for attending the lunch place of the event (except the picnic)

A new provision to clarify the rules is that if a member attends a DA Event intending to complete it and starts it but is unable to finish due to accident, breakdown or other emergency beyond their control they will be entitled to the full 10 points

In the event of a tie for either the Overall or the Ladies after all Events are completed the Cup will go the Rider who has attended the most of any part of any DA Groups Sunday Rides during the period covered by the DA Events ie from 13 April to 7 September. For the avoidance of doubt it is confirmed that if a Rider takes part in another Groups ride within the DA this will count but if a rider rides with 2 Groups during the day only one ride in a day will count. Rides with any Group or Club not within the DA will not count. Taking part in part of a days ride will count. On days when there is a DA Event, taking part in a Groups ride to or from the DA Event will count but not just doing the Event and not otherwise taking part in a Club Ride.