The Cyclists’ Touring Club

CTC West Sussex (Part of Cycling UK)                 

Annual General Meeting

19.30 12 April 2021 by Zoom Conference Call

17 members attended.

Election of Chairman

Bob Moore, presided. Nominated by Edwin Jones seconded Peter Wilson

Election of Minutes Secretary

Edwin Jones Proposed by Bob Moore, Seconded by Peter Wilson

Apologies for Absence

Andrew Sergeant

Approval of Minutes of 2019 AGM

Approved: Proposed Bob Moore, Seconded Richard Boulton

Matters Arising


DA Secretary’s Report – 18 Months to 30 March 2021

From the 30th September 2019 to the 23 March 2020 rides proceeded as normal. Then Covid hit and with the first .Lockdown we could only ride alone. As it tuned out that was the end of DA Event for 2020. The Rule of 6 came in early June allowing groups to use various systems to introduce rides with a maximum number of 6.

November was a write-off with Lockdown  no 2 introduced for the month. Group of 6 rides were reintroduced for December before Lockdown 3 came in at the start of January. The 29th March saw the Rule of 6 back again and some rides have been held. Hopefully it will be back to near normal from the 17th May when groups are due to be allowed of a maximum of 30 which will allow DA Events to restart

 There were 4 DA Committee Meetings during the year. All of the meetings are now held by Skype Conference Call which with Committee members being a long way apart has proved very successful apart from the occasional late start due to technical glitches. Of late we have started using Zoom which has better quality. Online committee meetings have worked out especially well during Lockdown.

With most events organised through the Sections the main activity of the DA was publication of the Pedaller magazine and the all Sections Rides Lists. Special thanks are due to John Maxim for his continued work as Editor. We have all enjoyed the quality of the magazine over this last year. Due to most advertisers being closed during lockdown the finances meant we decided that the Summer 2020 and Winter 2021 issues were online only with the rest being printed.

A reminder that you can find the DA website at   The objective of the Website is to deal with DA matters and serve as an introduction to the area with links to the various Section websites and contacts.  The website includes the DA Runs List, Section and DA contacts, details about the Pedaller and DA Events including the latest Points table when it is run.

Edwin Jones.

Cycling UK West Sussex – Treasurers report 18 months to 31.3.2021

As in previous years, I have followed the same format for consistency with Cycling UK reporting. The financial period was extended by Cycling UK to 18 months, due to the pandemic.


Many of the advertisers businesses were closed during the period and due to distribution difficulties associated with the pandemic, 3 issues were online and 3 hardcopy. No invoices were issued for the advertising for the three online issues.


Both sections have paid their dues for Pedaller, thank you.

Income from advertising has decreased, from £462 to £301, with many advertisers cancelling during closures. We are now down to only 6 advertisers against 11 pre-Covid. We will be contacting the lost advertisers during April when they will able to open again.

All advertisers’ payments were up to date as at 31.3.2021.


The printing costs have remained the same per copy.

Pedaller net position

A netloss of £150.00 occurred during 18 month period following a loss of £126 the previous year.

Grant of £200.00 from CTC cover the position.

District accounts

The grant from Cycling UK was received following our return in November at £200.00.

Overall position

Overall there was a deficit of £37.67 against a surplus of £179.54 the previous year, mainly on the back of a greater grant from Cycling UK of £404, reduced printing costs and no web costs (2 years paid last year).

Bank balance

As at 31.3.2021, the Bank balance of the Cycling UK, West Sussex was £708.16 against the brought forward figure of £745.83.The Bank balance is considered healthy against outgoings.

Budget to 31.3.2022

The new financial will be to 31.3.2022. I have projected to 31.3.2022a shortfall of £225.00 based upon known costs and no new advertisers in Pedaller account(which I hope will not be the case).

During the next 12 months, I will be looking to increase advertising income, with the aim that the Pedaller breaks even from income and does not rely on grants.

I will be applying for the standard grant of £200 only from Cycling UK, as Cycling UK do not expect to provide grants where sections have sufficient funds, which we do.

I do not recommend any increase in sections contributions.

Finally, I thank Richard Boulton who agreed to audit these accounts.

I am happy to stand for re-election.

Michael P Murray    04.04.2021

Stamps28.8128.8114.64Based upon 201915.00 
Trophies26.4027.5028.50Budget28.50Assume events take place
total99.01164.3188.14 106.50 
Brought forward566.29745.83745.83 708.16Brought forward 
Carried forward745.83596.07708.16C/F to 01.04.2021483.16 
Bank balance545.28107.14 
Deposit a/c200.55601.02 
Dated 31.3.2021 
Audited by Richard Boulton 

Reports from Section Secretaries

Arun Adur CTC secretary’s report 2020-2021

 Covid managed to wreck our programme for the year although there were a few Tuesday rides and some Sunday rides.   Between the two lockdowns one holiday was arranged.   The number of members has reduced but only by a small percentage.   The finances are fine as there were no Ferring Village Hall meetings and less printed Pedallers.   I look forward to normality and seeing many groups of Arun Adur vaccinated cyclists.

Peter Wilson


Bognor Regis and Chichester Group

Secretaries Report

Despite the Lockdowns the Group arranged regular rides when Covid restrictions allowed Groups of 6. A system was put in place of a booking form on Google Documents accessible by members with a link to the document which they could edit by putting their name down in one of 6 boxes, first come first served no bookings to be made earlier than 7 days ahead. One of the 6 was the prearranged leader.

There was good support for Rides with most being booked up

We recently restarted Rides after the 3rd Lockdown on the 4th April

No Social Events were held during the year due to Covid restrictions.

The subscription allocation was spent on paying for copies of the Pedaller Magazine prepared by the West Sussex Group and distributed to members quarterly.

Membership over the last year has been 62 households and a total of 82 individuals

Edwin Jones

Group Secretary

Horsham and Crawley CTC Member Group – Secretary’s Report 2020

The Covid year!

March 2020 saw the country go into lockdown and we had to completely curtail our group rides. Our regular programme of Sunday rides immediately stopped and the Horsham Circular was the first to bite the dust. Our plans for a trip to Romania and also to France had to be indefinitely postponed and we were unable to run the Family Bike Ride. We started going out for solo rides and it was nice that people posted these on Strava and chatted about them in the Zoom meetings we held. Then from late June we were allowed to go out in groups of no more than 6, so we started arranging what we called “The Picnic Rides”. These increased in popularity to the extent that we arranged multiple groups for some of them, keeping the groups separate by time and direction, but having the benefit of us seeing the same lanes/sights so that we could have online conversations about them afterwards. November saw restrictions come in again and we were all back to solo rides before a brief relaxation in December saw us in groups of 6 again visiting Heaven Farm, Camelia Botnar, and a loop of Crawley but with no ability to arrange a Christmas Meal. The restrictions have been in place all through 2021 so far but a brief look at Strava reveals that our members have been out and about on a great variety of rides (sometimes meeting up with one other as the regulations allow) and I’m hoping some of these adventures will lead to new (to the Group) rides over the coming months – we should hopefully be back to the group of 6 regulations by the end of this month and back to near normal possibly by the end of May.

To this end we are hoping to run the I-Spy Ride as a DA Event as well as the 2 Weald Ride and possibly attend the other DA Events as well.. These have been mixed in with a range of rides in our new Runs list – keep an eye on our Meetup pages for the details.

Because of the pandemic restrictions in place, we had to limit participation in our group rides to actual Horsham and Crawley CTC Group members but we are now hoping to open back out to plain Meetup members as restrictions ease. The key factor in this is that we will prioritise attendance by H&C CTC members over Meetup only attendees. Our use of the Meetup app still seems to be the most effective way for us to bring our rides to the attention of people and attract new members but we do need to get it rolling again.

Between December 2019 and today, on group rides we rode about 1,100 miles with an average of just over 7 riders each time, giving a total of 7,700 miles. Add to this all the individual rides you have been doing during lockdown – I estimate this to be something like 32 weeks with a collective weekly average mileage of about 400 miles between us, giving another 12,800 miles under our wheels (although there are quite a few turbo-trainer miles in that figure)!

Finally I would like to thank all of you for your perseverance, encouragement and support – our club still exists and I’m sure we will all be turning our wheels together sometime in the (relatively) near future. Thank you everyone in Horsham and Crawley CTC Member Group.

Bob Moore

Report from CTC Right to Ride Representative

There was no formal representative attending.

Adam Bell pointed out that Right to Ride Network had now been replaced by the Cycle Advocacy Network

Election of West Sussex CTC Group officers (also known as DA)

                                       Elected                Proposed             Seconded

Chair                                Bob Moore            Edwin Jones          Peter Train

Secretary                          Edwin Jones                   Bob Moore          Richard Boulton

Treasurer                          Michael Murray    Bob Moore           Richard Boulton

Auditor                            Richard Boulton   Peter Wilson           Bob Birtwell

Registrar                          Edwin Jones                   Peter Train            Peter Wilson

Publicity Officer               Edwin Jones                              Bob Moore                             Peter Wilson

Welfare Officer                  Peter Wilson                   Peter Train                    Bob Birtwell

Editor of Pedaller              John Maxim                    Edwin Jones                 Bob Moore

Presentation of Cups for 2020

Best Pedaller Article selected by Richard Bates: Bruce McNeil 

Consider DA Events 2020

Freewheel              Arun Adur                        Cancelled due to Covid

I Spy                     Horsham Crawley            23 May start 10.00 Billingshurst Station

Two Weald           Horsham & Crawley          4 July 10.000 Wisborough Green

Picnic                    Bognor Chichester          1 August  to West Wittering Beach

Churches Ride                  Bognor Chichester                   5th September

The Pedaller Magazine

John had problems with the last issue due to Software problems. The next 2 issues will be printed with the online issue being the Winter 2022 issue

Any other Business

Members discussed ways of getting more members. Bob reported that Horsham Crawley had some success with Meet Up but during Covid they had to cut that out due to limited numbers possible

The meeting closed at 20.15.

Members present:  Edwin Jones, Richard Boulton, Bob Moore, Peter Wilson, Peter Train, Richard Bates, Bob Birtwell, Michael Murray, Bruce McNeil, Adam Bell, Kevin Barker, Laurie Tooley, Jeff Lander,  Russell Sopp,  David Jezeph, William Midgley, Dave Fordham

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2018 AGM Minutes